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Patio Doors

Through trusted, high-quality suppliers, an extensive variety of uPVC Patio Doors are available to homeowners in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset and surrounding areas. Each uPVC patio door is manufactured to provide you with the highest level of security and increased thermal efficiency.

Our Patio Doors come in the following colours

Window Frame Colours
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Clean Aesthetics

The extensive range of uPVC Patio Doors offer ultra slim sightlines, increasing the amount of natural light entering your room. With more glass space available, you can enjoy enhanced views of your surroundings from the comfort of your own home. Each uPVC patio door is designed to give you unobstructed views.

High Security Locking

Home security is of the utmost importance. This is why all uPVC patio doors are fitted with the best locking system, increasing the security of your home. The door is designed to eliminate any weak points, with the lock system fitted at the head and still. It aims to put your mind at ease with the highly secure, expertly crafted lock system.

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Thermal Performance

Designed to increase the thermal performance of your home, each uPVC Patio Door is manufactured with multi-chambered profile systems. It is designed to lock more natural heat in your home, ensuring your home is kept warm in the coldest months. By doing this, it helps to reduce your energy bills.


Each supplier’s uPVC Patio Door is 100% lead-free and 100% recyclable, ensuring the eco-friendliest homeowner is satisfied. For those aspiring to make their home eco-friendlier, these doors are a great place to start. They are guaranteed to meet the EU and UK legislations in advance, so you don’t have to worry.

uPVC Door Handle

Security & Strength

Your chosen supplier’s uPVC patio doors come fitted with a revolutionary locking system, making your home more secure. A combination of high-level security and unparalleled strength makes these locks one of the best on the market.

Dining Room with Aluminium Windows

Super Smooth Action

Nobody wants a door that doesn’t open properly, so each uPVC patio door is fitted with a multi-wheeled running system, designed to give a smooth and silent operating action. This cutting-edge system will be a tangible benefit to your home.

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Colours and Finishes

Customising your door with a large range of colours, finishes and woodgrain effects allows you to personalise your composite door to match your home. There is also an extensive range of glass options on offer from each vendor, meaning your uPVC patio door can be tailored to your exact design needs.

Low Maintenance

Each door is easy to clean, due to the properties in the uPVC material. The low maintenance door is designed not to warp, rot, crack or discolour with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee provided from the date of installation.

Child Friendly

Understanding the importance of using safe doors around little children is a top priority. All uPVC patio doors come with a ‘finger-traps-free’ design, making it safe to use in any type of home with the littlest of children.

Fast Turnaround

The fast turnaround offered on all uPVC Patio Doors is second to none. Your door will be made to the highest standard, ensuring they fit your exact specifications, making your experience as stress free as possible. With short lead times and high-quality products, you can rely on a highly skilled team from your chosen vendor to deliver and install your door on time.

Sound Proof

The uPVC patio door makes soundproofing your home even easier than before. Each uPVC patio door is fully equipped with the double-glazing to drown out any external noise from cars, buses and anything else.

Easily Accessible

With the high tech sliding mechanism fitted in every supplier’s uPVC patio door as standard, gaining access to the outside world is easy. Each uPVC patio door comes with optional low threshold and ramps available to give access to wheelchairs and prams.

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Aluminium windows offer an affordable alternative to other uPVC and timber windows, with their light frames and clean lines. They are guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment, improving the look of any modern or traditional home.

They can be customised to suit any home aesthetics, making them perfect for updating timely windows. The slim sightlines invite a wealth of light into the smallest of rooms, with more air entering when open.

Each window is installed by a team of highly-skilled professionals from your area, drawing on years of experience to provide you with a service that is specialised, reliable and efficient. Each window will be installed seamlessly and quickly, letting you get back to your day.

The double glazing prices calculator is easy to use and provides you with instant no-obligation window and door quotes.

How Do I get My Aluminium Window Price?

Ensure your quote is as bespoke as your aluminium window. The free online quoting generator enables you to find out the cost of your bespoke aluminium window. Once you have your quote, get in touch to find out which installers near you offer your chosen window.

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