Are Flush uPVC Windows Expensive?

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Flush uPVC windows are more expensive than traditional casement designs. However, that’s not to say they aren’t worth the higher cost. Flush uPVC windows have a unique, elegant design that gives them class and quality that casement windows don’t quite have. Not only that, the look of your windows can even enhance the feeling inside your home.

Flush uPVC windows sit flush within the frame, meaning there are no protruding elements in the design. Instead, the profiles are flat and streamlined, providing a sleek and elegant look that blends seamlessly with new and old homes alike. Not only that, the flush fit reduces gaps in the window that could allow cold air to pass into your home.

As a result, flush uPVC windows can offer you a host of benefits. With the flush fit, your window could have more inherent strength, meaning better security and protection from intruders. Also, water ingress and draughts are less likely to cause problems. Because of this, you’ll reduce the risk of condensation and damage, all while making your home warmer and more comfortable.

And, while flush uPVC windows are more expensive than casement designs, it’s not by much. In some cases, you can invest in flush uPVC windows for as little as £30 than a traditional casement window design. For that small hike in price, you’ll feel a big difference in the way your home looks and feels.

With Double Glazing Quoter, you could make that difference both more and less. You’ll get more of a difference in the sense that you’ll always find high-quality flush uPVC windows from local installers sourced from quality manufacturers. However, the price difference could be even less, meaning you can save money on your investment now as well as in the long run!

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Flush uPVC Windows Design

So, what sets flush uPVC windows apart from regular casement designs? For a start, the fit of these windows is very different. In casement windows, the frames protrude outward from the glazing, which is called a lipped casement. A lipped design looks more proud, but it also protrudes from your home’s walls. While that can make more visual impact, it isn’t as elegant or sleek.

Flush uPVC windows, on the other hand, have a flush finish. Instead of the frames emerging from the glazing, they’re level to it. Because of this, the window is streamlined and flat, creating a smart and stylish design for your property. You’ll also be able to blend new flush windows in more easily with any home, including if you have a modern or traditional property.

As a result of the flush fit, your new uPVC windows will have some unique advantages. For example, with less space between the glazing and the frame in flush uPVC windows, your windows will be more secure. Intruders will be far less able to prise your windows apart, meaning that you can protect what matters most inside your home.

With that confined space, you can also keep cold air out of your home. Modern flush uPVC windows are known for their superb insulation, and the flush frames make your windows even more air and water-tight than the latest casement designs. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about draughts and damp spots, and you won’t have to use as much energy to stay warm inside your living space.

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Flush uPVC Windows Benefits

But how else do flush uPVC windows enhance your home? Fortunately, the flush fit can give your home a new lease of life, even with the traditional look. If you have a classic home, then flush uPVC windows provide the ideal fit. You can blend them seamlessly with your current property, and you can choose unique colours and finishes for a more natural connection.

Also, you won’t have to spend time maintaining flush uPVC windows either. While the flush design helps with reducing damage, the uPVC frames are the main reason for this. uPVC is a highly durable material that can perform for decades without damage, even in more extreme conditions. It’s a fully weatherproof material, meaning your windows won’t twist, warp, rot or discolour over time.

Because of this, you won’t have to repaint or revarnish flush uPVC windows inside your home. Your new designs will perform for up to 30 years, or perhaps even longer. And, to keep them looking their best, all you’ll have to do is wipe the windows down with a damp cloth. You could even invest in self-cleaning glass that breaks down dirt and muck before you have to!

Finally, flush uPVC windows have a tighter, more streamlined design that improves thermal efficiency. With advanced double glazing, resilient uPVC and the snug flush fit, you won’t give cold air any space to enter your home. You’ll capture more of your home’s natural heat as well, meaning you can make your energy spending go much further. Flush uPVC windows help you take control of energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint!

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Flush uPVC Windows Cost

One reason you might not want flush uPVC windows, though, is the cost. After all, regular casement windows are the most affordable way to enhance your home. However, flush uPVC windows don’t cost that much more. You could invest in flush windows for your home for as little as £30 more as you’d spend on casement windows.

For that £30, you could get a lot more for your increased spend. With the increased energy efficiency, more reliable security, and stylish design, flush uPVC windows can outperform casement windows in all departments. And, while casement windows are known for their versatility and customisation options, flush uPVC windows have just as many! As a result, you can create bespoke flush windows for your home as well, ensuring you get the perfect fit.

You might be able to save money on your flush uPVC windows too. If you want to find a great deal, then you could benefit massively by comparing quotes from various companies for your new windows. You can get the bigger picture of what you should be paying for high-quality designs and what features those designs should include.

However, so many homeowners don’t do this because it’s time-consuming. Not only that, it can be risky. Some installers will make amazing offers for what seem like brilliant windows, but they could be scamming you or getting you to pay way over the odds. It can be difficult finding installers you can trust these days, which is why finding a way to guarantee a great investment can be so helpful.

Flush uPVC Windows Prices

Double Glazing Quoter is how you’ll always find flush uPVC windows at fantastic prices. We have a local company network that covers the whole UK, meaning it takes minutes to find trusted traders on your doorstep. All you have to do is get in touch with our friendly team, and we’ll connect you to multiple companies in your area. From there, you’ll be in control of the process.

You can compare offers from them all and negotiate with them all, too, meaning you could find deals that you wouldn’t discover anywhere else! Also, you can invest in new flush uPVC windows with peace of mind. We review our network regularly to make sure each company is one you can rely on, and many of them are Checkatrade and Which? members as well.

You can fill in our online contact form today to start the journey to your new flush uPVC windows, or call us on 0800 015 5679 to ask us any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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