Can Double Glazing save you money on your Energy Bills?

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Double glazed windows have been a standard across modern window installations for a while now. The increased security is a massive incentive for homeowners to jump on board the double glazing train. However, that is not all that double glazed windows offer. As energy bills are rising all the time, double glazed windows offer an opportunity to hold in the heat and bring down the costs. Not only saving you money on your energy bills but also helping reduce your carbon footprint.

How it works

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With single glazed units, cold air from the outside touches the window’s glass pane, making it colder, particularly during the winter and evenings. This cold window then comes into contact with your home’s warm air, slowly draining the warmth and leaving cold air behind. Without only one pane of glass separating the home from the outside, your house is always susceptible to low thermal performance.

Double glazing alleviates this entirely. A double glazed window has two panes of glass, one touching the air inside the home and one touching the air outside the home. Between the two panes is a vacuum or a non-thermal conducting gas such as argon. Argon does not conduct heat well. Therefore it is not easy for the warm air from the inside to pass through and get lost to the outside. Similarly, there are no particles in the air in a vacuum to pass the warm air between the two panes. As a result, there is no transference of heat.

Saving you money

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By helping retain more warm air in your home, double glazing allows you to switch off the heating that little bit earlier and feel its effects more fully. Therefore, you can save money on heating your home over the year by using less energy to get it to the same temperature. Not just that, though, your home will also remain that temperature for longer, allowing for longer periods between having the heating turned on. Double glazed windows provide exponential saving opportunities on your heating bills because of their ability to insulate the home at a higher level.

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