Conservatory to Orangery Conversion

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Convert a Conservatory to an Orangery

A conservatory to orangery conversion can transform the way you use your home. Right now, you may have a conservatory in your home that isn’t performing as well as you’d hope. That could be because it’s an older design, which uses materials like single-glazed glass and even plastic.

As a result, your space doesn’t have a lot of insulation, meaning that heat can escape your home quickly, leaving you uncomfortable.

Because of this, you could benefit enormously by turning your conservatory to an orangery with a conversion. Orangeries use less glazing and more robust materials, like brickwork, in their design.

You’ll still get a lot of natural light, but you feel less exposed to the elements. The brickwork can protect your home from wind and rain, and it can make your space feel more secure and private too.

A conservatory to orangery conversion helps you take total control of your home’s look. You’ll be able to add as much brickwork as you like, and you can even replace the glass with modern double glazing.

Not only that, but you can convert conservatory to orangery at low cost. You could also add features in your build into one that suits an orangery perfectly, like a roof lantern. With each feature, you can also choose bespoke colours and finishes to give them a unique look.

Also, you won’t have to build a brand-new extended space for your home. Instead, you’ll be able to reclaim your re-existing one, meaning you can either keep its character or transform it completely.

Additionally, the work on your home won’t be as disruptive, it’ll take less time, and to convert conservatory into orangery is a lower cost option. As a result, a conservatory to orangery conversion might be the missing piece your home needs.

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Why Should I Get a Conservatory to Orangery Conversion?

A conservatory to orangery conversion can help you improve your home’s performance. Many older conservatories don’t channel energy very well at all, as they use thin glazing and weak frames.

Due to this, you don’t get a lot of insulation for both cold air and warm air, meaning your home can become too cold and too hot depending on the weather. You may also have older connecting doors that let these issues affect your main living space too.

When you perform a conservatory to orangery conversion, though, you can change all that. Orangeries are far more durable spaces, with solid walls and a brickwork base.

Because of this, you won’t lose nearly as much heat around your build, meaning to convert conservatory to orangery can cut the cost of your energy bills. Also, you can build the brickwork up as much as you like so you get the right balance of natural light and insulation.

Thanks to the design of an orangery, you can save more energy in the space. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of heat you use from your home when you convert conservatory to orangery, saving cost, with a mixture of both the brick walls and advanced glazing across the design lowering your overall energy cost.

Your extended space will be more usable through your conservatory to orangery conversion, and you won’t need to use your central heating to make that happen. As a result, you could save money on your energy bills when you convert conservatory to orangery at low cost.

You could need to install an entirely new structure around your conservatory. Because of this, you might also risk having to go through planning permission.

But if you work with a trusted installer to design your build, they’ll give you advice and information on how to convert conservatory to orangery without added cost. Your fitter can also recommend options to make your space perform better, meaning your conservatory to orangery conversion could save you even more on bills over time.

The Benefits of Conservatory to Orangery Conversion

You won’t only save money with a conservatory to orangery conversion. You can also make your family safer inside your home. Orangeries aren’t as exposed, thanks to their robust design.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry as much about possible burglars looking into your home, and you can add obscured glazing to help this too. Also, your new walls will be much more durable and less likely to weaken over time, ensuring long-lasting security.

Additionally, you can also save time when you convert conservatory into orangery, and cost too. Your brick walls are far less likely to need maintaining, and new glazing also isn’t as prone to condensation.

As a result, you won’t have to spend time cleaning your glazing, and you’ll only need to wipe it down a few times a year. Therefore, you can stop wasting your precious time cleaning your conservatory and put more time into enjoying your orangery after you convert conservatory into orangery at low cost.

Orangery Brickwork

Brickwork is what makes an orangery tick. Your current conservatory doesn’t take advantage of this material, preferring to use glazing to flood your home with natural light.

But, if you enjoy the brightness of your space, you don’t have to sacrifice it. You can add as much brickwork as you’d like with a conservatory to orangery conversion, with a bespoke height to give you the right amount of lighting.

Firstly, you can add a dwarf wall and brickwork base to your build that improves its structure. Because of this, your space will be able to soak up water from underneath your home, stopping it from making it colder and weakening the build.

Then, you can add as many brickwork walls as you’d like to your conservatory. These robust designs will make your home far more private, with superb sound insulation, while also keeping you warm with cavity wall insulation as standard.

You’ll also be able to match your brickwork to your existing property. As a result, your orangery will look more like a natural extension of your home, fitting in seamlessly. Not only that, but the more brickwork you install, the more flexibility you can have to use your space, although to convert your conservatory into an orangery will cost more.

You can fit more plug sockets in the build too when you convert conservatory into extension for an added cost, meaning you could create a new lounge with a TV system or even a brand-new kitchen with a conservatory to orangery conversion.

conservatory to orangery conversion cost

Orangery Roof Conversion

Another distinctive feature of an orangery is its roof. Your roof plays a crucial role in making an extended space perform well. In your current one, you may have a roof that uses single-glazed glass or even plastic in its design.

These thin materials don’t stop heat escaping your home, and they can cause other issues too. Your roof can let in too much light from the sun on summer days, meaning it can bounce around your space, making it much too bright. When you convert conservatory into orangery, though, you could get a new roof as part of the cost.

Instead, you can convert your roof into a brand-new design. With a conservatory to orangery conversion, a popular option is the roof lantern. These unique designs are an orangery staple.

This system is a mixture of a roof that uses slate and concrete to insulate your build and give you shade from the light, and a vaulted glass skylight in the middle. That means you’ll have more concentrated light in your space, and a new focal point too.

However, you don’t have to go with the grain. Your roof is yours to create and customise as part of your convert conservatory to orangery cost, with a range of materials on offer. For example, you could build a ceiling from lightweight tiles that seal together in an air and water-tight design.

That means they’ll protect your home from rain and wind as well as a solid roof can. And, with every model in this range, you can choose colours and finishes to suit your style and reflect your personality.

Orangery Roofline

Also, you can improve the way your home drains water with a conservatory to orangery conversion. Along with your new roof, you can also choose from a vast range of roofline options.

For example, you could invest in an aluminium cornice when you convert conservatory into orangery at added cost. This superb solution looks sleek and streamlined, suiting your new space seamlessly with a striking shine. Not only that, but aluminium is a weatherproof material that rainwater won’t wear down.

You can invest in new downpipes and other features as well, to keep rainwater far away from your orangery. Doing this can make a more significant difference if you install a roof lantern, as these designs have a flatter pitch.

As a result, meaning water doesn’t disperse as quickly. With brand-new roofline products for your orangery, you can ensure it doesn’t collect and weaken the brickwork. That way, your home will be stronger for longer with a conservatory to orangery conversion.

Conservatory to Orangery Conversion Prices

If you’re thinking of getting a conservatory to orangery conversion, then working with Double Glazing Quoter could be a great idea. You’ll be able to see how our conservatory cost calculator can help you save money on your new space.

We’re the ideal choice to convert conservatory into orangery at low cost. You can start the process right now by using our online conservatory to orangery conversion cost calculator.

It’s a revolutionary online tool that allows you to pick and choose features you’d like for your new conservatory to orangery conversion in the sizes, styles and colours of your choice. Then, we can turn your preferences into an online quote within minutes, and you can find out how to convert conservatory to orangery for a lower cost.

Once we’ve done that, we’ll put you in touch with a trusted network of suppliers and installers we’ve spent years building up. That way, you won’t have to risk getting poor service or paying too much for your convert conservatory to orangery cost.

You can speak to several of these companies to get a better offer for your conversion. Also, they’ll be local to you so that you can save on travel costs, and many of them have certifications from FENSA and CERTASS as well.

Find out more about our conservatory to orangery conversion services by contacting us today!

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