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Can you install double glazing in listed buildings? The answer is yes, you can. However, it’s not as simple as it would be in any other home. If you live in a listed building, or you have a home in a conservation area, then you might have old windows and doors that are showing their age.

But replacing them can be much trickier. That’s because, if you want to do any work on your home, listed buildings require planning permission from the planning authorities. As a result, you don’t get nearly as much flexibility when it comes to enhancing your home. It means more red tape, more hassle and less choice when it comes to window and door replacements.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t replace double glazing in listed buildings. It just means you have to be more creative in how you do it. If you own a listed building, then there’ll be rules you have to follow regarding the double glazing you can install. The main one is that it cannot be a modern design that doesn’t suit the character of your home, or of the area you live in.

Modern double glazing is beginning to become a part of heritage designs, though. As a result, you could invest in brand-new windows and doors that have authentic looks, but without the drawbacks. Timber windows and doors won’t fade as quickly as older designs, and you can invest in designs that faithfully imitate traditional options too.

Heritage windows and doors, or even traditional designs, can be costly. But that’s where Double Glazing Quoter can help. You can find a local installer through our trusted network who can offer competitive prices for these designs. Also, they can help you through the planning permission process!

double glazing for listed buildings

Why Is Double Glazing Hard To Install For Listed Buildings?

Double glazing is trickier to install for listed buildings than perhaps any other home. That’s because spaces like these have stringent rules on what you can do to them. Listed buildings are designated because of their history, beauty or both. As a result, planning authorities and heritage groups, like English Heritage, will seek to protect their classic features.

However, if you live in a listed building, you may think these classic features make it difficult. That’s because they might have old windows and doors that don’t offer a lot of insulation for your home. They may have single-glazed glass or old timber frames which are cracking and twisting, letting cold air into your home.

So, if you want to install modern double glazing, you’ll find that you can’t. Planning authorities will rule that modern uPVC and aluminium frames would harm the classic look of the building. Because of this, there are more limits on what you can build. Even adding a woodgrain finish to a new window or door might not be enough to win the favour of the authorities.

There are some designs, though, that are more likely to be accepted than others. Heritage windows and doors are becoming an increasingly popular option for homes, particularly for those who live in listed buildings and conservation areas. Not only that, but some modern designs might work for your home as well.

Double Glazing Windows for Listed Buildings

If you’d like new windows in a listed building, you could opt for wooden windows. However, old wooden designs can struggle after a few years. That’s because timber isn’t a weatherproof material, meaning wind and rain can damage it over time. You could end up with a window that cracks, rots and decays, meaning you don’t get a lot of insulation from it.

Instead of timber, though, what can you install? One option could be heritage sash windows, which imitate timber. Windows like these use uPVC in their design, but with a lot of differences. The manufacturing process for these windows is similar and faithful to the process for old timber windows. Because of this, you get the same handcrafted quality.

That authentic look combines with modern hardware to make your home warmer and safer. In the design, you’ll get an advanced unit of double glazing, giving you more protection against cold weather. Also, uPVC frames are fully weatherproof, meaning they’ll continue to look authentic for years to come. And, even though these windows aren’t timber, they’ll look indistinguishable from classic windows at a glance.

Some designs even use authentic mechanical joinery to craft the perfect period look. That means, while these windows hide that they are modern, you won’t have to. Planning authorities will often permit these windows for listed buildings because of their faithful design.

double glazing in listed buildings

Double Glazing Doors for Listed Buildings

If you want a new door for a listed building, there will also be plenty of limits. Modern options, such as uPVC or aluminium, are certainly not on the table. But, if you do need a new entrance into a classic home, there are some ways you can get one. You could buy a traditional timber front door, for example. That means, though, that you’ll need to deal with lots of maintenance to keep it looking its best.

However, much like when it comes to windows, you can also invest in heritage doors that use more durable timber frames. That way, they’ll last longer and offer better insulation. You could also find luck with installing composite doors, which combine uPVC and timber into an authentic design.

You may also want doors with double glazing for other parts of listed buildings. For instance, you could be looking for new doors that extend out into your garden. However, modern sliding and bi-fold doors won’t blend in well with a traditional home. French doors, on the other hand, are a classic design that planning authorities could accept.

With many suppliers, you can choose heritage French doors that are ideal for your home’s needs and its historical values. The designs will be as durable and robust as modern ones, but they will still have a traditional quality. That way, you can improve the lighting in your home, and its security as well.

Applying To Fit Double Glazing for Listed Buildings

If you want to install double glazing in listed buildings, it can be a drawn-out process. Because planning authorities and historical groups are very careful about what they allow, you’ll have to be careful during your application. For example, if you’d like replacement windows, you’ll need to justify why you need them. Usually, that’s if the windows you already have are visibly decaying or broken.

To get approval, though, you’ll need to provide detailed technical drawings of your new windows to explain how they’ll fit in with the historical values of your building. Additionally, your new windows will still have to meet the usual building regulations.

But there are ways to make installing double glazing for listed buildings a little easier. If you have windows or doors that are towards the back of your home, you may find it easier to replace them. That’s because they’ll be behind your home’s principal elevation – the vantage point most people see. Because of this, most people won’t see them as they go by.

Another way is to check what classification the listed building you live in falls into. Grade I and Grade II listed buildings have slightly different regulations, with the ones for Grade II slightly more relaxed. However, what could help you the most is working with people who know these rules off by heart.

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Installing Double Glazing for Listed Buildings

If you want to find the people who make installing double glazing for listed buildings as easy as possible, Double Glazing Quoter is the place to look. That’s because we have a network of trusted local traders that can help you in your area. You’ll find an installer who’ll be able to offer superb heritage windows and doors, and they can advise you throughout the planning permission process.

When you use our network to find a supplier for your new double glazing, you’ll find a company that has the experience and skill you need to install it in listed buildings. Many of the companies we work with are Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders, ensuring they can help you at every step of the way.

With us, you can speak to several of these suppliers, rather than just one. Also, finding them takes minutes rather than days. As a result, you can speak to multiple companies to find the best quote for you, and to negotiate better offers too! That way, installing double glazing for listed buildings becomes more of a reality.

Double Glazing for Listed Buildings Prices

Install double glazing for listed buildings at competitive prices when you choose a local installer from the Double Glazing Quoter network!

To find out more, and to get in touch with them, fill in our online contact form today. Alternatively, you can speak to us directly by calling 0800 015 5679, and we’ll answer any questions you could ask.

We look forward to helping you enhance your home!

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