Resealing Double Glazed Windows

resealing double glazed windows

Resealing double glazed windows can seem tricky. However, with help from Double Glazing On The Web, you could find that it’s not impossible to do yourself. Resealing your double glazed windows might be a bit of work, but it can benefit your home massively in the long run.

With a working sealant, you’ll be able to help your home feel warmer and more comfortable. Every double glazed window has a sealant around the build. It protects the inside of the window from air and water, ensuring nothing gets inbetween the two panes of glass. However, over time, the sealant can wear away, and this can happen more frequently in older windows too.

When the sealant in your windows breaks, you often notice quickly. For example, condensation may build up between the panes, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Also, the glass can become weaker when the sealant fails, meaning that it’s more likely to break or crack. Because of this, you’ll most likely have to repair the windows at a high cost.

However, another way to save your windows and save money is by resealing your double glazed windows yourself. With the right equipment and steps, you can repair the sealant on your own, saving plenty on your double glazing condensation repair cost. But resealing double glazed windows does require a lot of skill and care, meaning it could go wrong quite easily.

Instead of resealing your double glazing yourself, though, you could get a professional for less through Double Glazing On The Web. And, if you’re tired of your old windows, why not replace them? We have a network of local companies who offer high-quality windows with durable sealants that won’t fail for decades to come.

resealing double glazed windows yourself

The Causes of Double Glazed Windows Needing Resealing

So, why would you need to reseal your double glazed windows? It’ll be because the sealant inside your windows has broken. It can break for a few reasons, and identifying them at pace can help you better prolong the lifespan of your windows. If left unchecked, broken sealant can lead to big problems that are hard to fix on your own. For example, the sealant in your windows could break almost immediately.

If that happens, though, it’ll be because of an issue with the installation. They may have tainted the sealant in some way during the process, or not given the material enough time to cure and harden. Additionally, the sealant may have a puncture from an issue during the shipping.

Another reason could be the rest of your window. If you have an older design, you might have timber frames around your glazing. However, wood isn’t a weatherproof material. Because of this, it can crack, warp and twist, meaning it could expose the sealant underneath more and more over time. Because of this, it has to bear more of the brunt of bad conditions, breaking it down after a while.

Condensation could even cause the sealant to break. If left unchecked, it can develop into a mould that begins to eat away at the sealant, weakening it. Once it breaks, condensation can spread inside your window, which could make the unit unusable for your home.

How Would I Go About Resealing Double Glazed Windows?

If you need to reseal your windows, you could do it yourself. That way, you won’t have to spend money bringing a professional to your home to do the job. However, if you’re prepared to reseal your windows yourself, you’ll need the right equipment and a steady hand.

To begin, you’ll need to make sure you have a putty knife to clear any gasket residuals. Then, with somebody else holding it, carefully remove the glazing. From there, apply a little silicone caulking to the windows – this is how you’ll stick everything back together. Once you’ve carried out that process for the interior panel of the window, you can do the same for the external one, carefully sealing them to match.

However, while that may seem simple, some parts of the process can be tricky. For a start, the double glazing units in most modern windows are quite heavy, meaning you need to be incredibly careful when you remove it. Not only that, but the glass may have weakened over time, or become damp. In that case, it’s wise to change the glass in your windows altogether.

Due to all this, replacing is often better than resealing your double glazed windows. You could invest in a modern design for your home that is fully weatherproof and highly durable. Because of this, the frames won’t lose their shape, ensuring they protect the sealant underneath from breaking.

risks of resealing double glazed windows

The Risks of Resealing Double Glazed Windows

Resealing double glazed windows might not be the best solution for your designs. If there’s an issue with the sealant, it could be because your window’s time is simply up. Over the years, older designs can weaken and wear down, leaving the sealant exposed. As a result, even after resealing double glazed windows, the sealant will still be vulnerable.

Not only that but doing it yourself comes with some risks. For example, should anything go wrong, you’ll forfeit the guarantee on your windows. When you do work on the designs yourself, rather than asking the previous installers, any warranties won’t cover you. Because of this, you should only reseal your windows if you have some experience.

Even getting an installer to go about resealing your double glazed windows could be problematic. Not only is it costly, but it might not fix the problem for very long. If your windows are worn down, then they could be losing their performance. That means your home could become colder, less secure and far more costly to maintain as well.

As a result, replacing your double glazed windows could be a lot better than resealing them. With a brand-new design, you could get stunning uPVC windows with advanced double glazing that are air and water-tight. The sealant inside won’t fail for decades, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining your windows to make sure either!

Replacing Double Glazed Windows

Replacing your double glazed windows could be the thing your home needs to thrive. If you have old windows, then they might be letting your home down, even when the sealant isn’t broken. Older designs don’t have a lot of insulation, meaning that you could be relying on your home’s central heating to stay warm.

However, with new windows, you can save money from day one, and in the long run too. Rather than resealing your old windows, you could choose uPVC or aluminium windows that won’t fail you. Because these materials are robust and durable, they’ll offer fantastic insulation for your home. As a result, you’ll be able to cut the cost of your energy bills and even reduce your carbon footprint over time.

Because the sealant in your windows won’t break, you’ll benefit in other ways too. The double glazing in your windows will be much less likely to break, and your window will maintain its strength. As a result, you’ll get better security for your home. Modern windows come with advanced multi-point locking mechanisms too, keeping intruders well away.

Not only that, but you’ll get a weatherproof window that doesn’t have a problem with any conditions. Your windows will look and feel their best, come rain or shine, and they won’t scratch in the heaviest storms. That way, you can make your new windows last for decades, helping you pay the cost of your investment back over time!

replacing double glazed windows

Replacing Double Glazed Windows Prices

Instead of resealing your double glazed windows, then, the best option is to replace them. And, when you do it by working with Double Glazing On The Web, you’ll be able to make the change with change left over. Unlike a normal window company, we don’t charge any window prices. Instead, we point you to the people who offer the best ones in your area.

When you get new windows through us, you can get in contact with multiple companies in our trusted, UK-wide network. That way, you can get a quality window and a made-to-measure installation from a business on your doorstep. That means you’ll get lower travel costs and shorter wait times, all while saving money over time when compared to double glazing repairs.

And, with the companies in our network, you can choose double glazed windows with a difference for your home. That’s because you could create a bespoke design! You’ll be able to choose from a range of unique window styles, glazing options, unique colours and finishes and even stunning handles to complete the look.

You can rely on the companies we work with at Double Glazing On The Web. For your peace of mind, we review our network extensively, making sure you only work with the best. Many of the companies in our network are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders and offer low double glazed windows prices.

Replacing vs Resealing Double Glazed Windows

If you’d like to find out more about why replacing is better than resealing your double glazed windows, get in contact with us today!

You can either fill in our online contact form or call our friendly team on 0800 015 5679 to ask us any questions you might have.

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