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Victorian Front Doors

Victorian front doors create a lasting impression in your home. These doors have a traditional style, but combine it with advanced performance to give you a unique blend of both.

Victorian doors are elegant designs that use plenty of unique features to provide your home with a timeless look. You can customise these doors with a choice of materials, colours and accessories as well.

The vast array of choices on offer means that you can get a door that’s entirely bespoke to you, and you can more closely control your Victorian front door cost.

victorian front doors

For example, you could add side panels with glazing to extend the entrance of your home and offer more natural light. However, you can also choose knockers or letterboxes that add an authentic touch to your door.

By investing in Victorian front doors, you’ll be investing in both quality and security. These doors have a durable design in each material that you choose to fit them with, and they have air and water-tightness that keeps your home warmer.

Also, you’ll get some of the best security hardware available on the market today. That way, your new door will help to keep you and your family safe too.

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can not only find lower prices on Victorian front doors, but you can also choose exactly how you want them to look. You can select the dimensions, colours and accessories to control your Victorian front door cost. Use our online Victorian front door cost calculator today to find out how much you could save, and get accurate quotes reflecting market changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, you’ll be able to use our trusted network of local suppliers and installers. They’ll help you to fit a new front door that stands out and enhances your home.

Victorian Front Door Replacement

Your current front door may be getting older and starting to wear down. This loss in performance could be due to the door featuring timber, or single-glazed glass, in its design.

victorian front doors

Both of these materials can lose their performance over the years and don’t offer a lot of insulation. As a result, when the timber starts to crack in bad weather, warm air can rush out of your home, leaving you out in the cold.

If you do have an older Victorian front door, however, you may want to preserve its traditional look. That’s why Victorian front doors are such a valuable investment: they combine the elegance of older doors with advanced materials.

Because of this, you can enjoy their timeless style with better performance, and you won’t have to maintain or clean them as frequently either.

Victorian Front Door Colour Ideas

Watch this video to see whether you should get a Victorian grey front door, woodgrain front door or a dual colour front door for your home!

Victorian front doors have a robust design, which means they have outstanding insulation. As a result, much less of your home’s heat will escape, and cold air won’t be able to get into your home as quickly either.

That way, you’ll be able to stay warm and comfortable in your living space, without relying on your central heating, meaning a Victorian front door will make you able to save money on your energy cost.

Not only that, but you can have complete control of how your new door looks. There are endless customisable options to choose from, including handles, locks and the materials your door will use, although these will affect your Victorian front door cost.

As a result, you can get the Victorian front door that suits you and your family’s needs perfectly, and you’ll make a cost effective investment that’ll put money back in your pocket straight away.

Timber Victorian Front Doors

You can install victorian front doors with a timber design. These doors have a sturdy quality and have the authentic look of traditional timber joinery. However, timber does have a few drawbacks that make it less usable.

Over time, the wood can rot or twist in bad weather, as the material is not weatherproof. Because of this, cracks in the design can expand, leaving more room for heat to escape.

Also, timber is one of the most expensive materials to build your doors from on the market, leading to a high Victorian front door cost. However, its performance isn’t as advanced, and the door doesn’t perform for nearly as long.

Timber also needs to be regularly repainted and varnished so it can maintain its aesthetics. As a result, it’s less than ideal for people with busy schedules, and it can be costly to repair too.

uPVC Victorian Front Doors

A far more affordable option for your home is to fit Victorian front doors with a uPVC frame. uPVC is an innovative material that is much more flexible than wood.

It’s a weatherproof coating for your door that ensures it can withstand wind and rain without wearing down, and it helps you to save energy inside your home as well.

uPVC is air and water-tight, reducing the gaps that your home’s heat can escape through. As a result, you can create a living space where you control the temperature throughout the year, and you won’t need to use your central heating to make it comfortable.

Not only that, but uPVC will protect the internal hardware from rusting, ensuring a smoothly operating door for years to come.

Also, uPVC has a lower Victorian front door cost than timber. Not only that, but you could get better energy-saving performance from it, meaning it can save you more money over time as well.

Because of this, uPVC is a brilliant investment to make for your new front doors. However, other materials can also improve on this performance.

Aluminium Victorian Front Doors

Another option for your Victorian front doors is robust aluminium. Aluminium is a precious metal with exceptional strength and security. Because of this, one of these doors will make you and your family safer inside your home.

Not only will you be adding a remarkably durable material to your home, but the design will also feature internal security hardware as standard.

These features can include internal locking systems, as well as multi-point locks that keep the glazing in your door attached to the frame. That way, intruders will have a nightmare trying to get into your home, and you can have total peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting your living space.

Aluminium’s metallic sheen also provides a stunning look for your entrance that’ll make a strong impression.

Aluminium has a more expensive Victorian front door cost than uPVC. However, the doors that feature this material are more dense, meaning you’ll get better insulation and you can save more energy too.

As a result, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment on a door that has spectacular performance and has the strength and security to protect what matters most to you.

Composite Victorian Front Doors

Composite Victorian front doors are a remarkable solution for your home. Unlike the other advanced materials, these designs use timber in their core.

However, they blend wood with other materials, including uPVC and GRP (Glass Resistant Plastic). As a result, you get the authentic look of timber, but you’ll protect it with modern solutions.

Because of this, you’ll get a perfect blend of elegance, strength, and performance in your new front door. Not only that, but while you get the authentic look of timber, you won’t have to worry about any of the drawbacks.

The blend of materials makes the door completely weatherproof, and you won’t have to worry about repainting it regularly to preserve the door.

That way, they’re perfect for people with busy schedules, and composite is far more durable than wood too.

uPVC, aluminium and composite doors can perform for decades at their peak, making all of them a long-lasting investment. While composite doors have a more expensive Victorian front door cost than uPVC and aluminium, their timber look and enhanced performance make them a superb investment for your home.

How Much Do Victorian Front Doors Cost?

A Victorian front door can vary wildly in cost, depending on the precise design you want for your home. If you look to invest in a uPVC design, then you can save more money on the initial investment.

A uPVC Victorian front door can cost as little as £600, although you should expect the cost to rise a bit to add a Victorian design to your home, as these are more complex.

Alternatively, you could choose an aluminium door. Aluminium usually costs anywhere from 10-20% more than standard uPVC, meaning your Victorian front door cost could start from around £750.

The price can also rise, however, depending on the dimensions of your door and any other features you’d like to add. These could include side panels with glazing, as well as stylish knockers and accessories that add to your Victorian front door cost.

Another significant factor in the cost of Victorian front doors is how much they’ll cost over time. With timber front doors, you’ll not only pay a higher price at the start, but you’ll also end up spending more on maintenance and repairs.

With a composite Victorian front door, for example, you could spend as little as £1000 on the cost of your new door, and not have to worry about maintenance costs for decades.

The best way to cut your Victorian front door cost, however, is to use Double Glazing Quoter to make your investment. You can take advantage of our online Victorian front doors cost calculator to choose your doors, including the materials, dimensions and colours.

Then, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted network of suppliers, many of whom have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS.

They’ll help you fit your new doors and ensure they have market-leading quality, so you make the best investment in Victorian front doors for your home.

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