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Bow & Bay Windows

A beautiful variety of uPVC bow and bay windows are available from varying installers, with windows that are perfect for optimising the space in your home. Double-glazed uPVC bow and bay windows are energy efficient, durable and come in a multitude of stylish colours and finishes to suit your home. The highest quality windows are available for homeowners in Poole, Bournemouth, Parkstone, Westbourne, Dorset and surrounding areas.

Our Bow & Bay Windows come in the following colours

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10-Year Guarantee

With a 10-year guarantee available starting on the date of installation, give yourself some peace of mind knowing your windows will last. Only the highest quality uPVC bow and bay windows are supplied, so you can have confidence in the longevity of the products.

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Fast Turnaround

It can be infuriating when an installation takes longer than necessary, which is why you can expect a fast turnaround on your products. With this, your windows will be installed on time and on budget. Made to measure services from each installer offers the high-quality, double-glazed windows you expect at a time that suits you.

High Security

Individually tested, each window is fitted with a highly secure locking system. This means the safety of you and your family is not diminished by the aesthetics of the uPVC bow and bay window. With intelligent technology in place, it is effective in ensuring you feel safe inside.

uPVC Bay Window


Customise your uPVC bow or bay window to enhance the space you have with a range of styles, including; three facet, five facet or box bay. The variety of uPVC bow and bay window styles will ensure your visions are brought to life. You are guaranteed to find the perfect window to suit your home.

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Easy Maintenance

With interior and exterior joint couplings, the uPVC bow and bay windows prevent dust traps, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is guaranteed that these windows will never warp, rot or discolour over the years with minimal maintenance required. Your uPVC bow and bay window will still feel brand new, even after years of use.

Eco Friendly


The variety of uPVC bay and bow windows are fully recyclable and guaranteed to be lead-free. This enables your home to be as eco-friendly as possible, without compromising on the aesthetics, making this the perfect choice for the environmentally friendly. The windows are effective in allowing ample amounts of natural light and heat to flood in, which means it could help to reduce your energy consumption.

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Added Value

It’s well-known that bow and bay windows are highly attractive to homeowners, whether they are new or existing. Installing a uPVC bow and bay window into your home adds value to the existing building, making it more attractive. uPVC bow and bay windows have the ability to make smaller rooms look large by creating space.

Colours and Finishes

Give your window a bespoke feel with an extensive range of colours and finishes available from each installer, which include a variety of glass options. Each one is designed to give a customised feel to your uPVC bow and bay window. With a large variety on offer, it is easy to customise the window to fit with the interior and exterior of your home, allowing for seamless coherency.


uPVC bow and bay windows are a popular choice in smaller rooms due to its ventilation ability. The windows allow a seamless flow of air into your home, whilst providing an excellent view of the surrounding area. You have full control over the ventilation by being able to choose which windows are open.


A great advantage to a uPVC bow and bay window is its ability to suit any property. With their timeless design and spacious feel, it can be easily installed with minimal fuss into any home. More commonly seen in kitchens or living rooms, uPVC bow and bay windows are an effortless addition, creating space that can be used for a multitude of reasons.

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uPVC bow and bay windows are both beautifully aesthetic and highly practical with their ability to creatively optimise space. The ability to enhance the space within your house is reflected on the outside, providing unobstructed views of your surroundings.

Each window creates space in a different way, with bow windows utilising softer lines, and bay windows using an angular approach. Created by highly skilled experts, each window has the potential to be artistically decorated to complement the interior of your home.

Manufactured by a range of market-leaders, each window is carefully made with your specific measurements, ensuring it fits the aesthetics of your home. The modern feel of the uPVC bow and bay window will make your home feel renovated.

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How Do I get My Bow & Bay Window Price?

Each uPVC bow and bay window differs due to the amount of windows installed, varying the price of them. Use our free online quote system to see how much your uPVC bow and bay window could cost, factoring in all the customisable options you require. We will put you in touch wit ha variety of installers in your area that can provide you with your dream product.

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