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Sliding Sash Windows

High-quality uPVC sliding sash windows are available to homeowners across Poole, Bournemouth, Parkstone, Westbourne, Dorset and surrounding areas. We supply impressive prices on a range of double-glazed sliding sash windows, tailored to you.

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Sliding sash windows

Modern Technology

Ensuring your windows are in line with your home aesthetics is an important aspect. This is why the uPVC sliding sash windows come fitted with black gaskets, protecting you from the elements whilst remaining out of sight.

High Security

The uPVC sliding sash windows are made with your safety in mind, meaning the wide range of windows on offer from each supplier are ideal for ensuring you are safe inside your house. There is also the option of secure upgrades, providing you with greater confidence in the products. With this in place, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your home.

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Safety Conscious

Enhance the safety of your uPVC sliding sash window by fitting restrictors to stop the bottom sash sliding fully, enabling your children to be safe without you worrying. All uPVC sliding sash windows come with highly-ranked accreditation, which means only the highest level of security is provided for your home.


Enhance the traditional look of the sliding sash window with the option of additional sash horns. Not only will it add to the aesthetic, it will also enhance the authenticity, adding to the traditional feel or putting a spin on a contemporary home.

Eco Friendly


uPVC sliding sash windows are an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious as it is 100% lead-free and recyclable. Each window is guaranteed to meet the latest EU and UK regulations in advance, making them a great way to start creating an eco-friendly home. The double-glazing aspect provides an extra layer of thermal insulation, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Tilt Function

All uPVC sliding sash windows are built with a pivot bar. This provides the added benefit of a tilt function, allowing for extra ventilation and easier access for cleaning. You can also make use of the highly practical lockable ventilation provided with the tilt function. With this added benefit, it is guaranteed to enhance the space in your home.

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Colours and Finishes

The uPVC sliding sash windows come in a range of colours, finishes and glass options to suit the needs of your home. Customise your uPVC sliding sash window to retain the classic aesthetics, whilst adding a modern spin, making sure it fits in with your home. Go one step further and add astragal bars on the glass to enhance its traditional look.

Hand Finished & Fast Turnaround

Operating to a high standard, each window is hand finished by your chosen team’s skilled operative, meaning you can have complete confidence in the quality of the window. The double-glazed uPVC sliding sash window has a fast turnaround, without compromising on the quality. Each one will be made to your exact specifications, providing hassle-free installation.


Each uPVC sliding sash window is manufactured with the intent to optimise ventilation. By sliding the top and bottom windows, you can improve the amount of airflow entering your home, with the added tilt function providing an alternative method.

Low Maintenance

uPVC sliding sash windows are a perfect choice for the time conscious. Unlike its traditional timber counterpart, the uPVC sliding sash window is extremely easy to clean using a damp cloth. Guaranteed not to warp, rot or discolour, you won’t have to worry about its appearance.

Traditional Appearance

Transport your home back in time with the traditional appearance of the uPVC sliding sash window. With its modern material and traditional aesthetic is it guaranteed to reinvent any property. You have the ability to customise each window with the option of adding astragal bars to the glass panes, giving it a timeless look.

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uPVC sliding sash windows are the perfect choice for those looking to install a traditional feel to the property without the disadvantages of wooden or timber frames. With their elegant style and durable qualities, it is an affordable investment that will benefit any home.

Installed by your chosen team of trustworthy experts, their years of experience ensure a professional, exquisite service, with the right window for your home. Each window is designed to your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Manufactured by a variety of market-leaders, the uPVC sliding sash window is integral to minimising your energy bills by increasing your home’s thermal efficiency. Its intelligent design aids in sealing any areas that may be prone to draughts and cold winds.

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Use the free online quoting system to get a bespoke reading, telling you how much your uPVC sliding sash windows will cost. By following the simple, easy to use system you’ll be given all the information you need to make a more informed decision on which window is right for your home. Following this, you will be put in touch with a host of suppliers in your area.

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