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Tilt & Turn Windows

Unobstructed views, security and inconspicuous ventilation are some of the benefits of a double-glazed uPVC Tilt & Turn window. The range of high-quality windows from trusted suppliers are available to homeowners in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset and surrounding areas.

Our Tilt & Turn Windows come in the following colours

Window Frame Colours
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Simple and Functional

All uPVC tilt & turn double-glazed windows come with dual-action movement controlled by a single handle, which makes them easy and simple to use. You can be sure to find the right uPVC tilt & turn window to suit your home.

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Durable and Resistant

The windows come with an enhancing surface coating ensuring longevity, performance and quality consistency at no extra cost. With the durable quality, you can be confident that these windows will stand the test of time.

Eco Friendly

Secure Ventilation

Using the tilt-only function, you can easily ventilate your house without sacrificing security. The uPVC tilt & turn window also doubles as an emergency exit by opening to full width, making them the perfect addition to any room.

Superior Gaskets

Keeping the cold out and ensuring the noise of traffic doesn’t wake you up is simple with the weather and sound-proof uPVC tilt & turn windows. These come with a continuous interior rebate gasket which enhances the weather and sound-proofing.

Easy Maintenance

With minimal maintenance needed, cleaning and maintaining the windows is simple and hassle free. The double-glazed window is beneficial for those that cannot gain access easily, and it is ideal for high-rise properties.

New Build Row of Houses

Clean Aesthetic

The uPVC tilt & turn window offers clean lines and crisp detailing, providing the perfect look for traditional and modern homes. Combined with the modern hardware of the uPVC window, the finished product provides your home with a European look. With slim sightlines, the uPVC tilt & turn window floods your home with more natural light, opening the smallest of spaces.

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Colours and Finishes

A variety of stylish uPVC tilt & turn windows are available that are guaranteed to suit any property. You can customise yours in a range of colours and finishes, including woodgrain and glass options, that will fit in with your home. With the wide variety on offer, you can be sure to find the colour and finish to bring your vision to life.

Fast Turnaround

A fast turnaround on all uPVC tilt & turn windows ensure your order is fitted on time. You can expect to be provided with windows that meet your exact specifications, enabling a stress-free installation experience. Get in touch for more information on your local installer’s turnaround times.

High Security

Safety is of paramount importance to any homeowner, so you can be confident in the quality of the product on offer. With the use of highly intelligent lock systems, each uPVC tilt & turn window is secure, ensuring a high level of safety utilised for your home.

Low Maintenance

The properties present in the uPVC tilt & turn windows allow for low maintenance cleaning, ensuring all you need is a damp cloth to get the windows looking brand new. The windows offer long lasting performance, that is guaranteed not to warp, rot or discolour over time. This makes them the ideal choice for your home.

Fire Escapes

Installing a uPVC tilt & turn window on high-rise buildings and homes allows it to be doubled as a fire escape. This enhances the safety of your home, knowing that your window can be used in an emergency.


The uPVC tilt & turn window is designed to be eco-friendly, satisfying those wanting to be more environmentally friendly. Each window is efficient in trapping heat inside, utilising free heat from the sun to keep your home warm, helping to reduce your energy bills.

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uPVC tilt & turn windows are an incredibly affordable choice for high-rise building and homes, combining style and practicality. Its versatility is perfect for those with scenic views in the surrounding area, as well as offering ventilation.

Installing the uPVC tilt & turn window will enhance the aesthetics adding a European flair to your home. With its low maintenance qualities and easy to use functionalities, it is a simple way of expanding the space your home creates.

Your uPVC tilt & turn window will be installed seamlessly by your chosen team of highly trained experts, after being designed and created according to the measurements you have provided. Each window will allow for more light to enter your home, creating more space.

The double glazing prices calculator is easy to use and provides you with instant no-obligation window and door quotes.

How Do I get My Tilt & Turn Window Price?

Made to measure, each uPVC tilt & turn window is designed to provide you with the best experience possible. Due to this, the price of each window will vary, depending on the customisation options chosen. To find out how much your chosen window will cost, use the online quote generator, remembering to factor in all personalisation options you require. You will then be put in touch with a range of installers in your are that offer your chosen product.

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