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Wood Effect uPVC Windows

Gain a highly authentic look with the use of wood effect uPVC windows, making them an ideal replacement option for period properties or homes in conservation areas. These are available to homeowners in Poole, Bournemouth, Parkstone, Dorset and surrounding areas, making them easily accessible to anyone. Wood effect uPVC windows offer a sturdy and practical alternative to others on the market, paying close attention to authentic design and structure.

Our Wood Effect uPVC Windows come in the following colours

Window Frame Colours

A Seamless Weld

State of the art machinery is used to manufacture each wood effect uPVC window, which results in the creation of a high-quality, seamless weld. The windows have clean frames which provide neat sightlines. The slim sightlines available on all wood effect uPVC windows allow for maximised glass space, meaning you can enjoy the view outside. They are also available as a standard welded sash with butt joints to the outer frame.

Wood Effect Windows

Timber Replacement

Wood effect uPVC windows utilise a system that is created to replicate 19th Century flush sash timber windows. A combination of timber effects with classic colour options, finishes and a variety of accessories make wood effect uPVC windows a great option for your home. This means they are virtually indistinguishable from natural timber, making them ideal for those that want a traditional look with modern material.

Traditional Joinery

Each wood effect uPVC windows is mechanically jointed to complete the authentic finish. Manufactured using an original method, these windows will enable you to enjoy the combination of tradition and innovation. Each window is manufactured using a square cutting with butt jointing to the outer frame.

Looking for Replacement Windows

Wood Effect uPVC Windows

Replicating the traditional flush sash hardwood windows, wood effect uPVC windows provide a modern take on a classic. The authentic design is ideal for any project where a replacement window is required for a period property or a home based in a conservation area.

Colours and Finishes

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, the windows can be fully customisable to suit your home. You can choose from a range of hand forged accessories to complement the style of our house, ensuring your door is tailored to suit your home. The option of dual-colours is also available to match the interior of your property with the window, as well as the exterior.

Multi-Chambered Technology

Increase your thermal efficiency with wood effect uPVC windows, which are advanced from 9-chambered uPVC profile. Accommodating both double and triple glazing, these windows could enable you to reduce your energy consumption. They come with U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing, PassivHaus Standard, and 1.2 with double glazing making them an ideal choice for your home.

Energy Efficient

Wood effect uPVC windows are cleverly designed to effectively and efficiently aid in reducing your energy bills. With the added benefit of double-glazing, you can be sure that each wood effect uPVC windows is helping your home to trap heat inside, whilst leaving the cold weather out. Keeping your family comfortable is easy with these windows.

Low Maintenance

All wood effect uPVC windows are produced to ensure you have more time to spend with the people you love. With unique properties found in the materials used, each window is manufactured to be low maintenance, ensuring you can quickly and effectively clean your window, letting you enjoy the enhanced view of your surroundings.

Authentic Appeal

Some periodic homes carry restrictions on the types of window they can install. Wood effect uPVC windows provide a great solution to this by authentically replicating British heritage. Its design carries a wealth of appeal due to its timber effect, making it perfect for upscaling modern and traditional homes.

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Wood effect uPVC windows are a unique, highly attractive window that offers a luxurious feel to any type of home. Each one combines authentic looks with modern assets to provide a low maintenance, high-quality window.

Installed by a team of highly trained experts, your wood effect uPVC windows will be simple to install, leaving you with ample time to enjoy the enhanced views. Made to fit the measurements you provide; each window is crafted to enhance the aesthetic of your home.

The beautifully crafted wood effect uPVC windows is ideal for any home, making it feel newly renovated. With a fast turnaround, it is guaranteed that you will be highly satisfied with your bespoke windows, tailor made to suit your home.

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How Do I get My Wood Effect uPVC Windows Price?

Wood effect uPVC windows are a worthwhile investment that is guaranteed to suit any home. To find out the right price for you, factoring in all customisation options, use the free online quote system. Complete each section to get a bespoke price for your wood effect uPVC windows.

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